Why Employees Love It

The Glasshouse Report’s cloud based software reminds employees to notify HR/ Management immediately, and privately, if there’s an issue in the workplace. Before The Glasshouse Report, issues such as: discrimination, bullying, harassment, injury, wage hour discrepancies, safety issues and sexual/ gender issues, could go on indefinitely before being addressed, but now, The Glasshouse Report changes everything and puts the power of resolution in the employee’s hands.

Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly (employers choice) employees receive an email reminding them to login to The Glasshouse Report and complete a series of  ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions covering:

  1. Harassment, Discrimination, and Violence
  2. Wage and Hour Disputes
  3. Workplace Injury
  4. Safety Issues

If there are issues to report, The Glasshouse provides spaces for the: Who, What, Where, When and Why. If there are no issues to report, this takes about 60 seconds to complete. The Glasshouse Report dates, time stamps, encrypts and stores the employee’s information. If a dispute should arise, employee’s will have complete dated documentation to support their complaint. And because all this information is encrypted and stored offsite by The Glasshouse Report’s secure Microsoft servers, there is no possibility for anyone to backdate, change, or rewrite history.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Each week you are reminded to complete your ‘Weekly Report’ which asks questions about your previous week’s employment experience. Your report is private, confidential and encrypted and cannot be seen by any of your co-workers. It can only be accessed and viewed by HR, and HR will only share the information, if necessary, to resolve any issues that you have reported.

Why is The Glasshouse Report necessary?

Because it takes down the walls between your Employer and you, levels the playing field, and creates a better over-all workplace environment. If you find yourself in a difficult or embarrassing situation, or you have a salary or hourly wage issue, with The Glasshouse Report, you now have the power to notify HR immediately… and are encouraged to do so.

Who files a ‘Weekly Report‘?


How long does it take me to fill out?

If there are no incidents to report, it should take less than 60 seconds. If you report an incident, there are fields for you to fill in: Who, What, Why, When, and Where.

What happens to the information contained in my report?

All the information in your report is encrypted and sent to The Glasshouse Report’s secured Microsoft external servers. Absolutely no information is stored in your workplace. The information contained in your report cannot be altered or modified by anyone, including you.

Who will see the information on my report?

No one!… unless you report an incident. If you do report an incident, HR will receive immediate notification. The only way HR can retrieve your information is by using their biometric identity. For your security, the system dates and time stamps each occasion that HR accesses your report. And for your additional security, The Glasshouse Report retains a complete audit trail of every Glasshouse Report transaction.

Can any of my coworkers see my reports?

No! The only people that have access to your reported information are you, HR, and personnel that HR selects to help resolve your complaint.

Do I have to wait for my ‘Weekly Report’ or can I report an incident immediately?

You can report it immediately. The Glasshouse Report allows you to file an ‘Incident Report’ at any time.

What if I left something out or remember it later?

You can login at any time and file another report. You will be able to reference the incident that you are referring to. Remember, The Glasshouse Report is your tool to communicate privately and securely with HR!

Does The Glasshouse Report show how my incident was resolved?

Yes, for the mutual benefit of you and your Employer, a permanent record of all information entered by you and HR is encrypted and stored on a secured Microsoft external servers, including details of how the incident was resolved.

How do I know my incident was resolved?

For most incidents, you will receive notification from HR, and when the incident is resolved to your satisfaction, you will ‘sign off’.


In a Nutshell: The Glasshouse Report is the Employee’s best friend and silent partner, protecting them, their job and their welfare,  24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

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