How it Works 

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly, The Glasshouse Report sends a message to each employee, “reminding”  them to answer Yes or No questions on:  (1) Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying (2) Wage/Hour Issues (3) Workplace Injury (4) Safety Concerns.
  • If the employee has No incidents to report, and has Not witnessed any incidents, answering the questions takes about 60 seconds.
  • Each employees’  “I have not Not witnessed an incident”  report, virtually prevents employees colluding with others to backdate or support false claims.  This archived information becomes invaluable if an employee is terminated.
  • If an employee reports an incident, The Glasshouse Report emails and texts Management or HR, allowing them to address the issue immediately and isolate problems or disruptive individuals.
  • All employee reports and resolutions are encrypted and stored on The Glasshouse Report’s secure Microsoft servers. Nothing remains on the employer’s premises. This makes it impossible for curious eyes to view, edit, erase or rewrite employment history.
  • If there is an employee dispute, with “one simple click” Management can retrieve each employee’s complete employment history (paper trail) from The Glasshouse Report software.