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The Glasshouse Report

Is a biometrically controlled, paperless software system that opens the lines of communication between Employer and Employee and creates a positive, transparent, workplace environment.

Open communication allows Employers to defuse workplace issues long before they escalate into legal nightmares.

The Only Cloud Based Software Designed To:

  • Encourage positive employer/employee relationships and…
  • Eliminate frivolous employee lawsuits on: Harassment, Discrimination, Violence, Wage Hour Issues, Workplace Injury and Safety Issues
  • Alert Management and HR immediately by email and text of all reported issues, or safety hazards in the workplace
  • Provide Management with tools for proactive problem solving which helps in preventing class action lawsuits
  • Protect your company from costly, debilitating litigation
  • Control Workers Comp claims—and  XMOD Scores

Why Companies Need The Glasshouse Report

  • Employment lawsuits have more than quadrupled since 2000+
  • On average 92% of companies will need an employment attorney over the next year*
  • $700,000- average  jury award for wrongful termination lawsuits**
  • $162,000- average  cost of litigating EEO claim**
  • $808,337- average  employment state court settlement+
  • $2,700,000- average  punitive damages awarded in employment cases**
  • Don’t let your company end up in the averages!  Enroll in The Glasshouse Report’s Free Trial  (Click Here)


Why Biometrics

Because Passwords can be Compromised

The Glasshouse Report

Employers Need It      Employees Love It



Dollar amount the Legal System costs the United States annually.*


Dollar amount America wastes each year from excessive litigation*