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What is The Glasshouse Report™?

The Glasshouse Report is a cloud-based, simple, yet powerful paperless software system designed to:

  • Eliminate frivolous employee lawsuits on: Harassment, Discrimination, Violence, Wage Hour Issues, Workplace Injury
  • Keep your company productive and out of court
  • Reduce Workers Comp incidents and XMOD Scores
  • Alert you to hazards or safety issues in the workplace   
  • Create a healthy positive employee environment
  • Allow for a proactive approach to problem solving

How The Glasshouse Report Helps Prevent Lawsuits?

By giving you an in-depth insight into what’s really going on inside your company; letting you resolve employment issues proactively, long before they escalate into legal nightmares.

How Does It Work?

The Glasshouse Report’s cloud-based software prompts each employee to answer a weekly yes or no questionnaire, covering:  1. Harassment, Discrimination and Violence  2. Wage and Hour Issues  3. Injury.  If there is an incident, HR or Management is notified by email and text immediately, allowing them to deal with the issue, preventing further escalation.

Disproving Lies:

The report, including all notes and the resolution, is archived by The Glasshouse Report, and becomes an indisputable biometrically signed paper trail for each employee. An incomplete paper trail weakens your defense, leaving you susceptible to he-said  she-said  lies, or reliance on less-than-accurate memories.  If an employee ever does sue… you have proof  that the incidents being alleged, did NOT happen, and were NOT reported at the times they allegedly occurred.

Diffusing Real Incidents:

If an actual workplace incident or accident is reported, you will be immediately notified by The Glasshouse Report, allowing you to proactively handle the potential problem, and resolve it before it spirals into costly litigation.

Why Biometrics?   

Because Passwords can be Compromised


 Simple and Reliable Biometric Report Validation


Dollar amount the Legal System costs the United States annually.*


Dollar amount America wastes each year from excessive litigation*